Drone technology is evolving quickly seeing newer drones with increased capabilities being released regularly. In the real estate industry drones are being used for aerial photography and video, capturing a property’s features from impressive angels. But just as quickly as drone technology advances, new and interesting uses are being found.


Sweden’s Karolinska Institute has developed a drone that can deliver a defibrillator to a person suffering a heart attack four times faster than an ambulance. With approximately 300,000 people dying from heart attacks each year in Europe, this technology has the ability to prolong life until medical professional can arrive on the scene.


NASA is currently developing a drone for monitoring dangerous weather. The drone will study storms from above and from a range closer than a piloted aircraft could safely attempt. Drones have already successfully entered into both tornados and volcanoes. The drones may not have actually survived the encounter but the information and footage they captured is said to be worth the sacrifice.


Drones are being used frequently on film sets for movies, television programs and advertising shoots. Embracing drone technology for such pursuits reduces costs and lag times by negating the need for cranes and helicopters to capture aerial footage.


We all know drones are often used to capture advertising photography and videography, but one growing trend sees the drone as part of the advertisement. This truly creative and innovative approach to marketing can have the advertisement travel directly to the potential client. One such example is using drones to deliver restaurant menus to people visiting nearby parks or using a drone to fly advertising material above crowds gathered at an event.


Drones can be used to scare unwanted animals such as geese. Yes, you read that right! Drones are being used to scare geese. Ottawa scientists have developed the ‘GooseBuster’, a drone that is fitted with speakers that use the howl of wolves to scare geese from developable land. On the other end of the spectrum, scientists in Sumatra are using drones to map land and track treetop nests in order to protect the Sumatran Orangutan.


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