Corporate Photography

The art of corporate photography is an ever-evolving specialty. The days of the classic executive staff member headshots are over and companies are seeking an innovative approach that will ensure they stand out from the crowd. V-Mark Design is an industry leaders in corporate photography, leading the way with photography on location in your workplace, at corporate events, at a product launch or at any location which captures the personality of your organisation.

Corporate PhotographyThe visual representation of your business is an extremely important part of your brand. Prior to even purchasing your product or service, a potential client forms an option about a company including level of experience, culture, level of professionalism, value for money and ability to deliver to the standard they are seeking. A client’s first interaction with a business will often be through some form of marketing collateral such as a website, brochure, advertisement or even your social media channels. The photography used across these various mediums has the potential to attract, engage and, most importantly, convert a potential client into a paying customer.

Corporate photographyCorporate photography generally encompasses three different streams – photographs of executives and staff, event photography and product photography. A great deal of consideration is required prior to any photo shoot to ensure you employ a photographer who understands your brand and has the ability to capture your true company image. When it comes to photographs of individual staff members and team shots it sometimes pays to think outside the box. Instead of a photo of a team standing in front of your building or underneath your company logo, you may wish to shoot at a location that captures your team in action or even at a time where your employees are in a natural pose, demonstrating a positive company culture and commitment. This approach can also work for headshots. While some industries certainly require a more traditional photograph, a contemporary version could include variations to angle, lighting, background or even attire. The option of capturing images at a corporate event has the potential to show your team in action. Hosting presentations, running meetings, enjoying a social function or interacting with colleagues and clients is bound to portray the true essence of your brand.

Corporate PhotographyProduct photography can be one of the most important aspects of your marketing activity. It has the ability to demonstrate the potential of the product encouraging potential clients to connect with your organisation on an emotional level. The benefits of using a professional photographer for such shots is of utmost importance. A photographer that understands light, background, product placement, professional image editing and your business brand can ensure that the final product images will be successful promotional tools.

V-Mark are photography and marketing specialists. Our skilled team has multiple setups and lens to shoot even the hardest of products. Once your images are taken, our in-house design team will do the rest bringing them to life by brightening the colours and retouching them in line with your requirements.