Event PhotographyProfessional event photography and videography is an extremely valuable tool for corporate events. A business conference, launch, workshop, exhibition, training seminar, promotional event or any other professional gathering organised by a company has the potential to be a positive opportunity for public relations. From a public relations perspective, a well-planned event will demonstrate a company’s brand, raise their profile and possibly impact sales. Documenting such an event through photography and video allows the organisation to then extend that promotional reach beyond the event itself.

Well-timed event photography by a professional can capture the highlights of the day including keynote speakers, special guests, networking, product demonstrations and candid snaps of attendees enjoying the event. Using a professional photographer is imperative if the images are going to be of a high enough standard to use for ongoing publicity. The professional photographer should be briefed prior to the event to understand the style of photos to be taken, moments to capture, important attendees, how the images are likely to be used and anything else important to the organisation. The photographs can then be used as part of a press release to be circulated to local media as a tool to raise the profile of the organisation and potentially promote products or future events.

Event PhotographyThe photos are also extremely useful from a digital marketing perspective. High quality event images on a company website or social media platform can reinforce the professionalism of the business and the excellence of the event itself. The ability to ‘tag’ attendees on social media channels such as Facebook will not only increase promotional reach but remind those attendees of the event and hosting organisation. This extended reach opens the door for new clients to learn about, and engage with, the company.

V-Mark Design’s accomplished photographers and videographers use state of the art equipment to capture corporate events. Images can be touched-up post-event to ensure a flawless and vibrant image. Photos are conveniently delivered in print and web ready formats for easy printing and uploading.

Further to this, V-Mark Design also offer aerial drone photography and videography to capture your event at new heights. This additional service will ensure the business has some unique imagery to capture the attention of existing and potential clients, investors, and the media.