How CGI Is Revolutionising Real Estate Marketing

The real estate industry is quickly becoming a saturated market. With endless options for vendors it is imperative that agents and developers are utilising the latest technology and promotional techniques to gain a competitive edge. One such tool is computer generated imagery (CGI). Well known for its use in film making, CGI has allowed filmmakers to produce realistic special effects that give their stories new depth and engage viewers in a way never experienced.

CGI for real estate marketing
CGI has more recently been adopted as a tool used in property development and real estate industries, V-Mark Design are market-leaders in the production and application of CGI for real estate purposes. Particularly useful in selling properties ‘off the plan’, CGI is used to give potential purchasers an idea of what the property will look like once it is built. It allows vendors to demonstrate the key features of the development by displaying a graphic representation of the building including placement of walls and windows, size, proximity to borders, customisable options, views and so on. Such imagery can invoke an emotional response in a buyer by encouraging connection to the property – a visual representation of the possibilities.

CGI tools are also being used in the development of marketing material for unfurnished properties. An update to the more traditional ‘staging’ of a home by a professional interior designer to show its potential, this uniquely customisable service gives empty rooms depth, colour and character, making them infinitely more eye catching and inviting.


Technological advances such as the introduction of CGI have revolutionised the way properties are promoted. But CGI is just one tool in an ever-expanding toolbox. Virtual reality, augmented reality, 360 degree tours from the comfort of a smart phone, drone photography and video and of course the internet and social media mean that property developers and real estate agents need to keep up to date with the latest technological developments if they are to remain competitive in the current market.