For decades, the real estate marketplace has remained stagnant and virtually unchanged. However, in recent years drone videos and photos have started to stir things up and bring about impressive results. Property specialists are now creating marketing campaigns that have a Hollywood-style flair with breathtaking aerial shots and videos that are like mini-movies.

Would-be buyers can now see properties from angles never previously dreamed about. In one fast swoop, they can see the community and natural surroundings while zooming in on the structure’s outstanding architecture. Drone videos and photos do more than add dimension and texture, they also bring things to life to make a lasting impression.

High Definition Aerial Photos and Videos Sell Properties

The internet has made it easy to shop for properties. Many buyers who are not even in the area can now use the web to view properties before they ever visit the region. With drone videos, they can quickly see every inch of a property before making an initial decision on whether to physically visit the site. Without a doubt, drone videos and photos are very appealing and attractive to buyers. In the end, everyone benefits from the service. Properties that boast such videos and images have a much higher chance of selling because they spur undeniable interest and intrigue in the client.

Selling a Lifestyle

Depending on the property, many buyers are not just looking for the perfect residence but an entire lifestyle. Standard images can certainly highlight the beauty of a particular property, but aerial photography goes a step further by pushing the area’s lifestyle. With drone photography, a  would-be buyer can see the surrounding city and countryside. They can get a feel for what it’s like to live, work, and commute in the region.

Drone video reveals:

  • Property layout
  • Pools
  • Landscaping
  • Outdoor entertainment such as nearby mountains, beaches, rivers, or lakes
  • Proximity to the city’s hub
  • Water features
  • Neighbourhood
  • Surrounding architecture

 Online Visibility

Drone photography and video provide far greater visibility online and help properties sell faster than ever before. Over 90 per cent of most buyers start their property search online. Having access to breathtaking videos and aerial photographs will quickly grab a would-be buyer’s attention. They provide a ‘wow’ factor that sets the listing apart from others in the area. The first photo must grab interest, so the potential client clicks on the listing. They must then hang around long enough to click through the photos and read the description. Offering stunning areal images and video is a great way to ensure that your property campaign stands out from the competition.

Accentuating the marketability of a property is the key to making a successful impression and sale. With drone aerial photography, a listing will instantly grab the attention of potential customers.

To learn more about aerial video and photography please contact the V-Mark Design. As leading drone marketing specialists in Sydney, V-Mark Design can truly give your property marketing campaign the cutting-edge ‘wow’ factor that it needs to quickly sell the property.