Not all plans are created equal…

Real Estate Site & Floor Plans

Real estate plans are an essential tool in all stages of property establishment and disposal. From the initial design concept to securing capital, gaining planning approvals, building a property and of course selling a property, a professional and accurate site plan is well worth the investment. The site plan is an architectural drawing that details a parcel of land and any proposed structures, uses and elevations. The site plan is drawn to scale, includes elevations and will also show access to services such as plumbing.

floor plan differs from a site plan in that it is a detailed, scaled drawing of the interior layout of a building. Traditionally, a basic black and white floor plan detailing rooms, doors and windows was sufficient. While still useful for many purposes, it often lacks the level of detail required by an investor. The local council will also need further information before issuing the approval of planning and building permits. Professional black and white plans are, however, a welcome tool for those looking to purchase properties who seek an easy-to-understand view of how a building is laid out.

Floor plans are also valuable from a real estate marketing perspective. The inclusion of a floor plan, even a standard black and white plan, can help a potential buyer visualise how a property would fit their needs and pique their level of interest. Visualising provokes an emotional response in the potential buyer, encouraging them to act on the call to action and contact the real estate agent. The vendor may choose to take things to the next level and develop a coloured floor plan, ensuring they stand out amongst the many available properties. There are many other options, including textured plans, virtual furniture, 3D rendering (particularly useful when selling property off the plan) and even computer generated images of gardens. As part of a well-planned marketing package, a floor plan can help ensure a competitive edge of similarly priced, located and designed properties.

V-Mark Design uses the latest electronic measuring equipment in the development of floor plans, ensuring accurate measurements and eliminating the potential for errors. With the ability to produce high-quality black and white, coloured and textured floor plans, as well as the addition of virtual furniture and 3D rendering, V-Mark Design can help real estate agents, vendors and developers produce floor plans that will catch the eye and the heart of potential buyers.