Words have the power to both attract and repel potential clients. A professional copywriter is an asset to any business, whether large or small, but in the real estate industry the copy is an integral part of the marketing transaction.

Importance of WordsA great headline is essential, after all a writer usually only has one chance to grab the attention of a reader! Headlines should be concise (less than 10 words), aimed at the target market and free of overused clichés such as ‘renovator’s delight’. Tools that help a writer check the effectiveness of a headline are readily available online. These tools will analyse the headline using algorithms that test the number of words in the headline, the use of context words, the use of passive language, the positivity of the headline and the use of strong keywords that are known to attract and engage readers. Once the headline has been analysed, a rating will be given and suggestions will be offered on how the writer can improve their headline.

A well-written property description has the power to conjure amazing images in the mind of potential purchasers. The property description should be written with the target market front of mind. For example, if the property is most likely to appeal to a corporate couple then features that are most likely to appeal to that demographic should be highlighted. In the case of a corporate couple this may include – architectural design, low maintenance yard, proximity to public transport and so on. A family looking to purchase a home may be more attracted to a property description that highlights number of bedrooms, size of the backyard, proximity to educational facilities and proximity to parks. Once again clichés should be avoided as should overuse of hyperboles such as spectacular, magnificent and glorious. As with all copy it is imperative that correct spelling, grammar and paragraph structure is used.

Well-written copy rich with keywords in combination with high quality images and video will ensure a real estate advertisement or listing ranks high on a Google search. V-Mark Design are real estate copywriting experts. They work with vendors and agents to highlight a property’s key points, creating unique and memorable copy to suit specific print and online advertising requirements.