Using virtual and augmented reality, potential buyers are able to fully explore a property without having set foot in the door. It provides the opportunity for the property to be inspected from anywhere in the world, opening the property market in a way never before experienced.

Virtual Real Estate Tours

Early adopters of the technology are reporting an immersive tour that allows a potential buyer to see the property’s features just as easily as if they were literally inside the home. The viewer is able to walk around, looking up and down, to the left and to the right and turning around a corner into the next room. It also gives the unique ability to assess the space of a room such as ceiling height, hallway span and so on. While a scale drawing technically demonstrates property dimensions, a virtual tour will offer the potential buyer the opportunity to actually experience what those dimensions feel like. It is even possible to add sound! The technology is truly remarkable, however, it does come at a cost and implementing virtual reality tours is more complex than it may first appear with specialist equipment needed for both vendors and viewers.

Another option that is far easier to implement is 360-degree tours. While still somewhat costly to create, the tours can be viewed on most devices and offer a 360-degree view of each room including layout, lighting, access and much more. The technology can take-in the interior and exterior features of the property, views from the property and the surrounding streetscape.

Usefulness Of Virtual Real Estate Tours

360-degree technology can also be combined with 3D render, virtual furniture and other computer-generated imaging to advertise off-the-plan properties. No special arrangement is required for such 3D application with reputed companies such as V-Mark Design being able to deliver the product professionally and efficiently.

The advance of technology for use by real estate agents has been rapid and is increasingly impressive. Virtual tours allow an agent to showcase a property at all hours of the day and night, attract buyers from all over the world, display various property features to prospective buyers and increase your website’s quality rating, thus displaying higher on search engine results. It is an obvious marketing tool that can be easily developed to appeal to the designated target market and can be shared across multiple platforms including websites, social media, and email.

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