Earlier this year our hotshot photographer Jaz produced a series of stunning photos for 55 Lord Street, Roseville. This grand c1910 residence was particularly challenging to photograph. Each shot had to encompass a very wide, expansive area with numerous light sources and most of the photos were taken on a dark and overcast day.

Many of 55 Lord Street’s photos encompass different areas of the house in a single shot, so within each shot are different light sources, light levels and light colours to contend with. To create an even look, Jaz took numerous exposures for every shot and spent several hours post-shoot blending exposures and making subtle light and colour adjustments. The next step was to remove the whited-out, cloudy sky. Jaz blended in bright blue skies and adjusted brightness and contrast levels to reproduce the vivid, natural lighting created by a sunny day.

Finally, two twilight shots were required to create a dramatic showcase for the property’s outdoor areas. Both twilight shots were challenging to shoot. The home’s façade is surrounded by large trees so the shot had to be angled in a way that captured as much of the house as possible, making it appear to loom grandly over the gardens. The rear shot, overlooking the pool and deck and into the family room needed to capture the interaction and flow between the different areas – a difficult task with the pool at a significantly lower elevation than the deck and living area. Jaz’s solution was to have the camera overhanging the pool fence. The camera was carefully angled and the in and outdoor furniture carefully lined up to create a balanced image where all the most impressive elements of the property would be immediately present to the viewer.

“In this shot the placement of everything is extremely precise. Everything is very finely tuned. These kinds of shots are among the most difficult, and definitely the most satisfying.” – Jaz, V-Mark photographer.