In the NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report 2017, buyers placed photography as the number one most important thing for creating a successful online campaign. The second most valuable tool was providing detailed information about the property. Interestingly, the third most crucial feature for a website listing was providing would-be buyers with a floor plan layout and virtual tours. Sadly, many agents look over the third key factor when creating a property listing. In this article, we will explore real estate floor plans that you need to make a successful property campaign that will attract buyers. 

Using Floor Plans to Make Properties Stand Out 

At V-Mark Design, we can create high-quality AutoCad drawn Floor plans that provide buyers with an in-depth picture of the property’s layout. Best of all, these Floor plans can even be drafted for properties that are not yet built. 

Our 3D imaging specialists offer very precise models that are fashioned using advanced software and 3D rendering engines. The 3D models provide the following:

  • Visualized dimensions
  • Lighting that showcases realistic details
  • Texture

The rendered designs are for interiors and exteriors. A buyer can take a truly interactive walkthrough to get an idea of the architectural floorplans. 

Detailed Floor Plans 

Imagine every room meticulously laid out in exceptional detail that clearly shows dimension. With V-Mark Design’s experienced floor planning team, they will create the layout using the latest electronic measuring equipment. The accurate measurements help to eliminate the potential for any error. Also, pools, gardens, and other external features are included at an additional cost if you require a site plan. You can pick from black and white floor plans that are noticeably clear and concise or go with premium coloured plans that provide texture. Every plan is fully customizable and will be branded. They are all formatted as web and print-ready. 

Bring the Property to Life 

Potential buyers usually know exactly what they are seeking. With a floorplan, they can walk through the home virtually which saves not only their time but the agent’s time. If the floor plan fits the would-be buyer’s needs, then they will contact the agent to talk to view the property. Ideally, offering floor plans is a way to intrigue and grab the attention of the buyer. 

Benefits of floorplans include:

  • Allows the buyer to see exactly where the rooms are situated in context to each other
  • Shows if the property flows
  • Provides important details about the property such as where the doors and windows are located. 
  • Outlines orientation of exactly how the room is laid out so the buyer can envision what they own in the space.
  • Reveals the storage space within the home. 

Floor plans are highly beneficial to show a client the appearance of the kitchen and bathroom which are two of the main features of any residence and often the determining factor for if the buyer wants to view the property or not. 

At V-Mark Design, our team of floor plan professionals will provide you with state-of-the-art details that will complement your campaign and make the property stand out from the rest. Contact us today to learn more.