Why Choose V-Mark Design for Real Estate Marketing? 

Today’s competitive professional real estate marketplace requires innovation and cutting-edge marketing. V-Mark Design combines experienced photographers, copywriters, and floor planners to provide superior next day online services to help craft a successful campaign that will set any property specialist apart from the competition. 

V-Mark Design offers the following services:   

 V-Mark Design Photography

The photography offered by V-Mark involves the use of state-of-the-art equipment to create outstanding property images that are tailored to appeal to potential buyers and tenants. You’ll receive seven to 14 exposures blended overnight and highly retouched to showcase your property in the best light. Fill flash is used to create a bright and visually appealing image that truly showcases the symmetrical beauty of the property. 

Special attention is paid to each room to achieve a photographic masterpiece. From styling to moving furniture and using props, V-Mark strives to build real-life ambience to create a saleable property that is represented honestly in a truly flawless image. Time is always of the essence when marketing a property, so all photos are delivered not only in print but also in web-ready formats within 24 hours. Read more…

Commercial Real Estate Photography

The professionals at V-Mark know that commercial real estate photography requires a polished vision to achieve truly high-end images. Their client list is a window into their skills and superior work. AT V-Mark, they have worked with leading clients such as:

Drone Photography

Drone photography (aerial) offers a bird’s eye view of the property that is unparalleled in its potential. It has become the cornerstone of most property marketing campaigns. With aerial photographs taking prospective buyers on a journey that showcases the property from angles never-before achievable in the past. See the lay of the land, garden designs, and property details from above to truly get a feel for the layout via videos and quality snapshots. Talk about taking marketing to a whole new level! Read more…

3-D Imaging of a Dream

In today’s fast-paced market, many real estate deals are finalized before the building is ever completed. V-Mark Design can make your imagination come alive with high-quality computer-generated images that render precise 3D models. The advanced software used to render such models focus on dimension, lighting, and texture of exteriors and interiors. With interactive 3D architectural floorplans, would-be buyers can take a truly interactive walkthrough that feels and looks very realistic. Read more…

Virtual Furnishings

Virtual furnishings breathe life into any space. Many consider the technique the future of home staging. Empty rooms go from mundane to thriving with colour, depth, and true character that instantly beckon a would-be buyer. The process also costs only a fraction of what a professional interior designer would charge. Read more…

With a wide range of offered services, V-Mark Design stands out from the competition. Property specialists looking for an edge over the competition will want to ally with V-Mark to create a polished and successful real estate marketing campaign. Using photography creates visual stimulation that intrigues and tantalizes the viewer to take things to the next level and ultimately seal the deal.