The majority of buyers start their search online coupled with the assistance of a real estate agent that they trust. As they peruse the many listings, a photo must stand out and grab their attention instantly or the chances are good that they might scroll on by and instead click on another property that boasts a superior image. Having a professional real estate photographer take the photos for the marketing campaign is a crucial tool needed to grab and hold a buyer’s attention. The picture should intrigue and entice so they instantly want to learn more about the property. 

Reasons Why You Need a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Below are just a few reasons why you need a professional real estate photographer for your marketing campaign: 

Make a Lasting Impression

You have seconds to grab a potential buyer’s attention when they look at a listing’s exterior photo. If you do not pique their curiosity, then they will click on to the next listing. It is rumored that a shopper spends only 20 seconds looking at a photo before they decide to explore the listing further or move on to the next property listed for sale. Time is of the essence! 

Greater Potential to Sell

Research carried out by Redfin has shown that listings with professional photographs are more likely to sell. In fact, they also sell for 5 to 17 per cent more than properties without such polished images. Properties boasting quality pictures also sold faster (typically three weeks quicker) than those that lacked a cutting-edge marketing campaign with professional photos 

Reputation Matters

Any brokerage firm should care about the image that they present to their clients and the public. In such a competitive marketplace, impressions are everything, especially when dealing with high-end and commercial listings. Investing in professional images to create impressive marketing campaigns for each property gives credibility and flair to any firm and sets it apart from the competition. Anyone with a high-end listing they want to sell will opt to go with a firm that goes the extra mile to effectively sell at top-dollar in a timely manner. Every firm wants to continue to win listings and grow so investing in professional photographs is one of the best ways to stay on top.  

Social Media

the importance of social media cannot be overlooked. Presenting an eye-catching library of outstanding listing photographs is crucial on such platforms. They quickly become a marketing tool that gives an agent or firm an edge to attract interest and gain referrals. 

Image Quality Counts

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone or a DSLR camera that takes surprisingly good photos. However, it takes more to achieve outstanding images. You need a professional photographer who understands angles, lighting, and composition. Ultimately, the goal is to take an ordinary property and make it look extraordinary by capturing its unique characteristics. You want to awe would-be buyers, so they take the next step in the process and want to physically view the property. 

Save Time

Creating a listing, marketing, and networking are all time-consuming processes. Hiring a professional real estate marketing firm like V-Mark which provides innovative images and services can quickly become an asset that ultimately saves time and money.

A professional real estate photographer provides images that accelerate a property’s marketability while also promoting the campaigning skills of the listing real estate firm. Ultimately, everyone involved benefits by achieving a rapid sale for top dollar. Contact V-Mark Design today to learn why they are the leading choice for Sydney’s top real estate marketing professionals and property developers.